The Ninth NEXT Twenty Post-Punk Bands You Should Know About


Social Station is honored to be included in Stereo Embers Magazine NEXT Twenty Post-Punk Bands You Should Know About. Check out their great site!…/


“To the best of our (admittedly frayed) memory, Social Station represent Wash DC’s inaugural entry into NEXTland, and while one might scoff a bit with an ‘About time’ muttered under one’s breath, we’ll counter that our nation’s conflicted capital was simply waiting until such time as they could put their very best foot forward. And make no mistake, Social Station, without a scintilla of timidity, full of the throaty brio that has marked the city’s illustrious Dischorded past while very well acquainted with the sinuous umbrous textures expected of their breed (witness the clip below) indeed represent. Blessed with a gift for the powerfully yearning, the band has just released their debut album – Our Pleasure of Solitude – and may we just say congratulations and jokingly add that it’s heartening to seesomeone getting something done back there.”