About Us

Social Station is a post-punk/darkwave band with a passion for analogue synths, hypnotic guitar, and undeniable melancholy vocals. Based out of Washington DC, Social Station started as a solo project in 2013 by singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Paul Todd, with the release of the single, The Sun and The Air, and the EP, With a Smile.

Their live show and distinct sound began to take shape with the collaboration of Paul Todd and Spenser Kydd. Their common music sensibility for distinct melodies and themes led to Social Station’s release of the single Awfully Pretty in 2015. Awfully Pretty received immediate attention, with its inclusion in a music compilation by the monthly German music and culture magazine Orkus.

With the addition of Alexander Minx on drums, Social Station spent a summer in an industrial space in Baltimore, writing and recording their debut full length album. They went on to release the Sky Will Fall single, with remixes by Skeleton Hands and We are Temporary and video by David Wave. With the release of the LP, Our Pleasure of Solitude, Social Station has been included in Stereo Embers Magazine NEXT Twenty Post-Punk Bands You Should Know About, and Washington D.C.’s NPR radio station WAMU’s Capital Soundtrack project.

Currently, Paul Todd has teamed up with classical musician Jacob Sebastian to kick off an extensive tour in support of their releases and a new single, Try (Cross My Heart).

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