• January 17, DC9, DC, (Yesferatu, DC, you and me and you, DC)
  • January 31, Dangerous Pies, DC, (Red this Ever, Baltimore,MD, The Neuro Farm,DC)
  • April 4-6, Out From The Shadows Festival, Portland, OR



  • December 4, The Sidebar, Baltimore,MD, (Stray Fossa, Charlottesville,VA, Bottled Up, DC, Little Lungs, Baltimore,MD)
  • October 27, Safari Lounge, DC, (Red this Ever, Baltimore,MD, Gothic Lizard, Richmond,VA)
  • October 25, Atlas Brew Works, DC, (Wind Atlas, Barcelona,Spain, Blacksage, Baltimore,MD)
  • October 19, The Beehive, DC, (Trashlight, New Orleans,LA, Teton, Portland,OR, Coven Tree,DC)
  • September 22, The Depot, Baltimore,MD, (Red this Ever, Baltimore,MD)
  • July 13, Hole in the Sky Collective, DC, (Luna Honey,DC, Among The Rocks And Roots,Richmond,VA, Kamyar,DC)
  • July 1, Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY, (Optic Oppression,NY, Third Realm,NY, Venus II Creature,NY)
  • June 30, Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge, Toronto, Ontario, (Double Eyelid, Belleville, Queens & Kings, Toronto, Subterranea,Toronto)
  • June 29, Overtime Sports Bar, Kingston, Ontario, (Double Eyelid, Belleville, VØID, Kingston, Trash McCann,Kingston)
  • June 28, Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal, Quebec, (Scene Noir,Montreal, Awwful,Montreal, Lost Creatures,Montreal)
  • June 26, Ukrainian Club, Manchester, NH, (A Day Without Love, Philadelphia,PA, Marcelyn, Philadelphia,PA Sweet Pablo Cincinnati,OH, Wkeah, NH)
  • June 24, Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY, (NØIR, NY, De Lilith, NY)
  • June 12, Slash Run, DC, (Cruz de Navajas, Mexico City, Mexico False Figure, Oakland,CA, Edge Petal Burn, Boston,MA)
  • June 5, The Sidebar, Baltimore, MD (Cruz de Navajas, Mexico City, False Figure, Oakland,CA, Thematix, Baltimore,MD)
  • May 26, She Wants Revenge at Rock & Roll Hotel, DC
  • March 23, Velvet Lounge, DC, (Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers, DC, Glass Twin, Richmond, VA)
  • March 3, The WhyteStone Creative Outcrop, MD, (Babbling April, VA, The Holy Circle, Baltimore,MD, Kerin Maguire, VA)
  • February 22, Black Cat, DC, (Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers, DC, Fuzz Queen, DC)


  • October 28, Windup Space, Baltimore, MD (Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers, MD, The Vanishing Hitchhikers, MD)
  • October 2, Slash Run, DC, (Orations, NY, Psychic Subcreatures, DC)
  • September 16, Sidebar, Baltimore, MD, (Cemetery, Chicago, IL, Axebreaker, Baltimore, MD)
  • August 22, Smith Public Trust, DC, (North by North, IL, Soraia, PA, Uptown Boys Choir, DC)
  • June 21, Safari Lounge, DC, (Silent Age, Chicago, IL)
  • June 10, Plenty Amphitheater, VA, (Insect Factory, DC)
  • April 6, Black Cat, DC, (North by North,IL, Uptown Boys Choir,DC)
  • February 25, Raw Ink Live, MD, (Red This Ever, MD, 11 Grams, Australia, FedoraHead, DC)
  • January 14, The Commune, DC, (Evil Art Form, DC, DJ SWG, Ottawa, Canada, Bruisey Peets, DC)


  • October 29, The Commune, DC, More AM Than FM (MD), The Meer (MD/DC), The Accidents (VA), Dustin Tyler (MN/CA/France)
  • October 21, The 21st Annual Halloween Hell Ball, DC (FedoraHead, DC, MasoKiss,DC)
  • July, The Holy Ale, Stafford Virginia,  (Astari Nite, Miami, Florida), (Venue Closed)
  • June,Velvet Lounge, DC, (Spider Lilies, Charlottesville, Virginia, Big Green Cherry)
  • June, Comet Ping Pong, DC (Home Body, Massachusetts, Frankie Martinez, DC)
  • May 27,The Pinch, DC, (The Meer, MD, Typos, DC, Island Boy, PR, Different Places In Space, OH)
  • April 20, Bossa Bistro, DC, (Digisaurus, Columbus, Ohio)
  • April 9, Luck 13 Saloon, Brooklyn, New York, (Black Wail, New Jersey, Olathia, Cleveland Ohio, Secret Army, Brooklyn, New York)
  • January 28, DC9, DC, (Time is Fire, DC)


  • October 24, Reverb, Baltimore, Maryland, (w/ Channel Volatile, Baltimore, Maryland, Sons of the Radio)
  • October 10, The Velvet Lounge, DC, (w/ BUHU, Austin, Texas)
  • September, The Velvet Lounge, DC, (w/ Carl’s Reef, Maryland, Box Era, Maryland)
  • August, The Velvet Lounge, DC, (w/ Gender Studies, Brooklyn, New York, Mittenfields, DC, Time is Fire, DC)
  • July 3, The Pinch, DC, In It Together Fest Benefit Show, (w/ The Mad Extras Richmond, Virginia,Ezra Mae and the Gypsy Moon,DC)
  • June 7, The Electric Maid, DC, (w/ Pet Sun, Toronto, Canada, Daily Grind, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)
  • April, Sealab, DC, (w/ Sky Picnic, Brooklyn, New York, Sealab, DC)
  • April, XO Lounge, Philadelphia, New York
  • April, Lit Lounge, New York, New York
  • April 3, The Velvet Lounge, DC, (w/ Big Green Cherry, DC, Chanel Volatile, MD)
  • January 29, DC9, DC, (w/ KI Theory, Richmond, Virginia)


  • October 17: The Electric Maid, DC, (w/ Envoi, Cleveland, Ohio)
  • October 9: DC9, DC
  • September 5: The Pinch, DC (w/Sudonistas, Nashville, TN, Ezra Mae and the Gypsy Moon, DC)
  • August 28: Velvet Lounge, DC (w/ Phantomweight, DC)
  • August 16: Lit Lounge, NYC
  • August 15: Tree House Lounge
  • July 12: Axum Lounge, DC (w/ Real Clothes)