Hot Off the Press – T-Shirts and Show Announced for Next Saturday


We finally have our T-shirts and 7″available on bandcamp for our first single Awfully Pretty. It has been great to have the single included in the Orkus magazine compilation 108 along with bands like SHADOWHOUSE and Geometric Vision.


Awfully Pretty T-Shirt IMG_2541 11156329_758729484241515_6533650765101233624_n

With 12 songs recorded for our debut album we are now working on mixing. We have been playing many of the songs over the past year but during the recording process a couple of our favorite new songs were put together on the spot. Here’s a demo of one of those songs, Pray for Me, which we hope to play live next Saturday:

Social Station – Pray For Me (Demo)


Velvet Lounge is one of Social Station’s favorite venues to play with great staff, stage, and sound. We are excited to support the band Box Era on September 12th and look forward to a fun night of music!

Velvet LoungeVelvet Lounge
11222811_1630528017217248_8841754614953594163_nBox Era